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Lots of choice for Edinburgh or indeed National  House Removal companies but cant make you mind up who to choose ? Looking online can be daunting and some sites have reviews to maybe help people make the choice or so you would think. Its all too easy to write your  reviews own and dupe the public into thinking [...]

Make sure you know what`s being moved out of your home a lot of people call and ask how much for a home removal in Edinburgh but with minimal information. If you dont know what you need to have moved how can it be possible for us to give a quote !

We had a wee trip to Bamburgh in nothumberland recently it was for an freelance columnist who had purchased a nice wee property to get away from Edinburgh . Ive never been to bamburgh before but the castle looked pretty amazing considering it quite a small place. Must be total chaos in the Summer !

Glenmoraniges Giraffe parade was in the Mansfield traquair centre on the roundabout at the bottom of Broughton Street Edinburgh.. They had been part of an marketing event, sadly our small removal company wasn’t used due to a mix up of similar names!!  luckily the other man with a van Edinburgh was told they wouldn’t be [...]

Always good idea to site have have a nice cuppa or two after a hard days graft and gaze at the world going by. Some folk have a cuppa during jobs after doing a couple of hours or less work but that’s not my cup of tea ! We like to work on and get the job [...]

Recently doing a small removal job at Edinburgh castle it stuck me how small it is maybe becuase the last time i was there I was 11 years old and things always look bigger when your a kid. Heres a potted history for Edinburgh castle Around 340 million BC The castle rock is created by volcanic activity.  900 [...]

White van man Edinburgh: Are we at Removals Edinburgh van hire white van men? Well we have white panel van and a grey luton removal van but the stereotypical white van man driver has a rusty old van as he cannot afford a decent vehicle or just wont invest to impress and is normally just [...]

  Stockbridge Giraffe Parade We Transported 9 paper mache giraffes today from stockbridge House in cheyne street Edinburgh  on behalf of Glenmorangie to there headquarters in leith street opposite john Lewis. Glenmorangie whom bought 9  works of art in a charity  auction in stockbridge house some weeks ago. Here are some giraffes in the lift in the picture waiting in the lift. Having to [...]

This was the scene today at orchard brae avenue, parking the van on the main drag and having to walk the distance to the van due to the snow. Not one resident in this part was out clearing the snow from the paths to the flats or even the road for the cars to get [...]

Edinburgh is in the grip of winter weather just now and it brings with it hazards for everyone who works outside and on foot especially service providers who visit people homes like postmen tradesmen and removal men in Edinburgh. Make sure you have pathways cleared of snow and ice. Nip to the supermarket or local [...]

Last man standing The Fort House – North fort street Edinburgh We moved a chap form  Fort House In Edinburgh today and behalf of Edinburgh city council  seemed like a nice quiet place for a change ! There is normally some kind of activity going on either shouting from the flats, loud music to delight the residents or Neds [...]

Edinburgh Student protests

Geseënde Kersfees en ‘n gelukkige nuwe jaar Geseënde Kersfees en ‘n voorspoedige Nuwe jaar Maayad-ayad nga Paskwa Mahigugmaon nga Bag-ong Dag-on kinyo tanan! Gëzuar Krishtlindjet e Vitin e Ri Kamgan Ukudigaa E güeti Wïnâchte un e gleckichs Nej Johr መልካም ገና (Melkam Gena) – Merry Christmas - celebrated on 7th January መልካም አዲስ አመት (Melkam Addis Amet) – Happy New Year - celebrated [...]

Van hire Edinburgh: A convenience junction for travelers Planning to visit Edinburgh? Well, van hire Edinburgh in order to travel in a city as intriguing and beautiful as Edinburgh is a must. This fascinating capital of Scotland is a major city with an increasing number of people visiting the city for  education, work, and pleasure. Whatever  [...]

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Get your things shifted fast and smooth Whenever a person decides to move from one place to another, he needs to take away all his belongings with him. After all, no one can afford to leave all the things he loves at the place he is leaving. It is not an easy task to shift all [...]

Since the recession has kicked in everyman and his dog has got a van and started a removals business. Just look on gumtree home to most of them. Some with websites other swith out, but most are the same. Claims of long term businesses or copying content from other reputable small removals companies.

The removals van is coming round and you’ve forgotten something, access, its always best to think when moving home/house about these issues, you may have a driveway to your home or parking for the car but if you have a large removal van coming think about a few things like height /length especially if your [...]

Here’s is a sight for sore eyes for any removal guy, The dreaded nylon laundry bag that is double the size of the ”normal” 500kg capacity bags as  chosen and loved by Asians/student bookworms but dreaded by Removal chaps and man with a vans UK wide. This jumbo supersize one needed a two man lift and it wasnt even full [...]

Edinburgh festival and fringe.

Removal rips off Another story of total arrogance It’s been pointed out to me by some customers and other small  removals companies recently a company is charging well over the odds for jobs. I know rumours of someone taking calls and getting someone else to do the job and taking a huge cut – if only these mugs [...]

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When a mover comes along in his van he should have all the equipment to move and protect your goods/furniture. After all you are paying them to do  a job properly.. well you would like to think so. Here is a picture of  contents of a van seen at Edinburgh self storage . Two old sofa cushions, blue string, thin [...]

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