Got some friends coming to come round and help on the day of the move to save some money on the Moving costs - some tips. 

Make sure they are there at least 15 minutes before the removal van will be arriving- this saves the movers doing 1/3 to 1/2 the job before they arrive, late …usually as the last item goes in the van. 

Make sure your friends are in a fit state – you may have had a wee party the night before to say goodbye, it’s a good idea to do this a few days before the move as you and the free labour won’t be in any fit state to move anything and it’s not ideal to work under those conditions, especially if you have booked first thing in the morning. 

Make sure if you have told the removal Man the agreed help on the day to save costs that is what it is. No point in saying ive got 3 friends coming to help and one or none turn up - this will increase the quote because the price has been agreed to conditions you have suggested to save moving costs. 

Make sure your assistance is fit to lift goods and descend/climb stairs if they are elderly or have health issues please note this is not fair on them nor the person helping you move… it can do more damage than good lifting good with someone who is incapable of properly lifting.

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