If you plan to move your home or your office within Edinburgh, you may have better value with a self drive van hire than if you hire a moving company to do the job for you. The cost of the vehicle alone is far less than the cost of a moving company, and you eliminate the fear of an unknown driver possibly damaging your goods, you have complete control of the vehicle and of the station-to-station on- and offloading of your goods.

Your first task, of course, is to know how many items you must move and what size vehicle you truly need to move them. Some transport jobs are small enough that you may need nothing more than a smaller, special car.

However, if you need a van, be sure you hire the proper size for your move. As simple as the idea is, you should not spend more money than you absolutely must, even knowing that van hire is less expensive than a moving company already.

Be sure as well that you hire a van that loads and unloads the most convenient way. Many vans come with side as well as rear egress, and this double egress makes the move simpler whether or not you have to park beside a curb. That said, there are several options from which to select.

Save Money With Self Drive Van Hire

When it comes to self drive van hire, our smallest vans are our cheapest options. Our removal vans have cabin room for one driver and one passenger, have a typical dimension of 180cm length, 160cm width, and 100 cm height, and can carry up to an 800kg payload. These are very manoeuvrable vehicles with room enough for Euro pallets in the load area, and if you are moving goods in or out of your home or your small business, this could be the best van hire option for you.

Should you prefer side loading as well as rear loading, a medium sized van such may be your choice, especially if you need to have two helpers for the job, since the cabin fits a driver and two passengers. These vans have typical dimensions of 215cm height, 160cm width, and 130cm height, and can carry payloads up to 900 kg. Many of these vans include side-loading doors on the driver’s and the road’s side as well, which makes them ideal not only for pavement loading or offloading but for driveway loading and offloading as well.

If you have either several more items to move or just a few items that happen to be large and bulky, certain furniture, large appliances, or machinery, for example – a long wheelbase panel van hire could be the hire for you. These vans are typically 320cm long, 170cm wide, and 150-180cm high, and they can carry payloads up to 1,500kg heavy. They have side-opening doors and room for a driver and two passengers in the front; the Ford Transit or LDV are typical examples.

However, if you have a large load then you may consider using our larger vans. Some of which include tail lifts useful for loading and offloading very large, very heavy goods—may be what you need. Home movers as well as business movers, with their typical 320cm length, 210cm width, and 213cm height, often hire these vans. They can hold payloads averaging up to 1,300kg and are rather easily driven and manoeuvred for such large trucks.

Call Today To Book Your Self Drive Van Hire

Whatever your need and option, it will certainly cost less than hiring a company, its driver, and its truck to do the job for you. If you require self drive van hire then get in touch with us today.

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